Department of Natural Science

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To support and teach capably by using scientific methods not in theoretical but in practical means for improving the physical thinking and applying it well in all the respective subjects in fostering the computer technicians who are able to create innovative computer technologies.


To furnish capably in cultivating qualified and innovative computer technicians who are able to think physical concepts theoretically and practically for national and local level.

History of Department

Supporting Department was organized with four subjects such as Mathematics, English, Myanmar and Physics since. Government of Computer College (loikaw) was founded. Faculty of Natural Science was recognized at 1.11.2017. Daw Lay Lay (Lecturer), Head of Department and Daw Mo Mo Thaw Hnin San (Assistant Lecturer), Assistant Head of Department were appointed. At the Department, there are four members; one lecturer, two assistant lecturers and one tutor.

Organization Structure

Faculty's Member List
Daw Lay Lay Lecturer
Daw Mo Mo Thaw Hnin San Assistant Lecturer
Daw Naing Wai Wai Phyo Assistant Lecturer
Daw Htet Yadanar Soe Tutor